This is a fairly fluffy, Christmas-esque episode…but it was a lot of fun because we get to spend more time with the cast as ensemble (which we don’t get to do nearly enough for my taste). We see Miss patty longing for company, Mrs. Kim and Lane rooming together, Sookie and Jackson being the cutest damn things ever (despite an unfortunate sweater situation), and three generations of Gilmore women rooming together (due to Emily/Richard trauma).Unfortunately, we also get more Jess. As we kind of hate Jess (and his idyllic storybook town upsetting ways), this is the obvious downside of the episode for us.

Incidentally, I have decided that moments in which we see the similarities between the three Gilmores highlighted (as in the bedroom seen of this episode) will furthermore be known as The Triptych...because these moments are often lovely, unspoken moments of TV gold.

Butterscotch: SNOW PANDA!


Moxie: Snow Alien lady


Butterscotch: That is true. It is an awesome snowman like the snow conspiracy
Moxie: Because of course Stars Hollow would have a snowman ringer.
Butterscotch: Hired by Taylor


Moxie: Obviously. To raise the bar for everyone and encourage them
Butterscotch: Their snowman was actually fairly impressive…at least, the body of it was
Moxie: Well the head was an excellent alien head
Butterscotch: Or Columbia from RHPS
Moxie: Ooh yes
Butterscotch: oh lord he’s back
Moxie: Indeed. Everyone’s in this one.
Butterscotch: I like Michel today


Moxie: I want to hug Jackson. He looks so cuddly.
Butterscotch: Jackson always looks cuddly


Moxie: Haha boyfriend you have a job. Do the job.
Butterscotch: ok, those madrigals are awesome.
Moxie: Lorelai and Sookie have basically decided no backsies on Squire Bracebridge.
Butterscotch: also, the kitchen is on fire


Moxie: Meh.
Butterscotch: I like the harpist. She’s no Drella…but it’s a nice harp
Moxie: Uh oh. Christopher wants to parent. I do miss Drella. Mmm bowl of pomegranites… He lives in the underworld! Don’t eat anything there! He will steal Rory away for half the year.
Butterscotch: Richard is distracted. This isn’t not abnormal, but this seems to be abnormal distraction


Moxie: But Emily isn’t speaking.
Butterscotch: indeed. They’re speaking OLD English? Or Middle English? Because…no one speaks Chaucer these days.
Moxie: Old timey
Butterscotch: Go Jackson
Moxie: Hee Peaches. I am marveling at Kirk’s laptop.

8Butterscotch: but not at Kirk
Moxie: Sookie’s sweater looks like it’s choking her
Butterscotch: yay, no lost money!
Moxie: You! We want you!
Butterscotch: It looks like she skinned Rolf. And then decided to wear his pelt as a warning to the other Muppets


It does!
Butterscotch: *snicker* Lane has the cute hat!
Moxie: Ha the eyebrow quirk of “boyfriend you have your job.”
Butterscotch: Jess is a bad boy. baaaaad boy…also an asshat
Moxie: It was momentum, you can’t fight physics. I bet Jess would try
Butterscotch: For Miss Patty?
Moxie: Don’t talk crap about the babies!
Butterscotch: I don’t know
Moxie: Rory Rory Rory…


Butterscotch: I enjoy watching them talk crap about…just about anything
Moxie: True. Babbette! And Mory!
Butterscotch: With the shiny beret!
Moxie: I love Mory’s street cred. And Lane’s hat
Butterscotch: Mrs. Kim preaching about too much stuff makes me giggle. Because Mrs. Kim owns a store designed to sell more stuff.
Moxie: Capitalism at its finest Being a human being with social skills, Paris.



Butterscotch: But Paris smiled at Rory as though she was genuinely entertained by her in a not malicious way. I guess that kiss and boob dive from the last episode totally brought them closer.
Moxie: Paris take the olive branch without turning it around into a club. MuahahahaEeeewwww
Butterscotch: Stop shining your thighs! Flesh colored boxers*shudder*

Moxie: I love Sookie. I am so often Sookie there.
Butterscotch: I love Sookie in 99% of all situations. I like Emily’s suit tonight it’s cute.


Richard looks relaxed.
Butterscotch: Okay, that was a wink and a nudge look
Moxie: Which should be creepy but I love that they love each other.
Butterscotch: The madrigals are awesome. I want a madrigal to hang out in my house at  Christmas
Moxie: All my friends… and Taylor.

Oh no. Rory and Jess will end up in the slay
Moxie: hee
Butterscotch: Jess is going to attempt to kiss her.
Moxie: Yes. Sleigh, but yes. Yay! Luke and Lorelai.
Butterscotch: Sleigh. Right. Sorry. Tired.
Moxie: I feel slay may be appropriate.

Butterscotch: I am amused by the coffee cup tucked in next to Lorelai
Moxie: It’s a nice touch.
Butterscotch: If Jess tries to kiss Rory, I’ll wish for Rory to slay him. Or, really, anyone.
Moxie: The secret of parenting!
Butterscotch: Heeee
Moxie: I like Luke using the word visualization.
Butterscotch: newp…he didn’t buy it
Moxie: So sweet of Luke.
Butterscotch: Luke tries so hard.
Moxie: He does


I told you that was a wink and a nudge smile!!
Moxie: So cute!
Butterscotch: Trying to imagine Emily on a rollercoaster.
Moxie: It would be great.
Butterscotch: Yes, Jess. Jump out.
Moxie: And Richard would take her on the ferris wheel after to make things up to her.
Butterscotch: and win her a teddy bear. It would likely be a $200 teddy bear, so it’d be adorable
Moxie: I want this.

Butterscotch: the snow woman has a head! Oh no. Jess is going to break the snowman
Moxie: I know.
Butterscotch: Vandal that he is
Moxie: I want Jess to drop the bad boy act.
Butterscotch: whew! no stolen kiss!

Moxie: Go away Bootsy. Why are you even here? Poor Miss Patty.
Butterscotch: Paris is a fish out of water…oooohpoooooor Jackson
Moxie: The wig. I love how Jess and Luke are pretty much the same.
Butterscotch: Mrs Kim has an awesome new haircut
Moxie: She does, very hip. Oh Paris…I want to take her to the Ren Fair
Butterscotch: oh, Paris. I wonder what poor Paris will make of chain mail bikinis
Moxie: Mozart also wrote a song that was basically called Kiss My Ass…Richard busking in Prague.

wait, what?
Moxie: dun dun dun. That’s a big btw to be dropping, RIchard.
Butterscotch: why is Lorelai being a dope?
Moxie: She doesn’t want to share. I think at this point she and Rory have still never been apart.
Butterscotch: and Rory is still the reasonable one
Moxie: Always. But who are we rooting for him to be with?
Butterscotch: has Jess set fire to the hotel yet?
Moxie: No, he’s out vandalizing snowpeople, remember? *glee*


Butterscotch: cute
Moxie: Hmm… Isn’t that the same frame as Rory’s bed? I mean this is a big moment… but furniture.
Butterscotch: cute
Moxie: I bet Mia gave it to Lorelai when she and Rory moved the crap shack
Butterscotch: Hrm. Good point. [And if so, way to go continuity, stage dresser!] I wish we had more Richard monologues


Behold: The Triptych

Moxie: Me too. Oh sweet Richard.
Butterscotch: Emily is pretty forgiving.

21 22

Moxie: I love them!
Butterscotch: I’d be in the still livid category
Moxie: Emily totally got lucky.
Butterscotch: too much grog? Was grog a thing for the land-based?
Moxie: Another anachronism for Paris to pick at.
Butterscotch: why is Dean observant ONLY for the Jess/Rory issue?
Moxie: Because Plot.

23Butterscotch: ugh. Jess is a dick
Moxie: And Rory doesn’t even frown a little bit about it.
Butterscotch: yeah, the snow-Bjork was cool…but vandalism BAD!
Moxie: She had to know it was him.
Butterscotch: because the broken snowman = the Dean bracelet
Moxie: Not just crazy random happenstance.

Butterscotch: I still don’t like cocky, jerky Jess. It was another light episode, but I was happy to get some Paris backstory and some Emily/Richard interaction
Moxie: Well it’s going to take a while before he grows at all
Emily and Richard interacting is as always the best thing.
Butterscotch: they’re so well cast. I mean, I just believe they’ve been married 35 years
Moxie: Right? Every little look and gesture is just perfect.
Butterscotch: It really is
Moxie: Oh and the bit where Emily said how sensitive Richard is
Moxie: I think it’s so true, but it’s the sort of thing only a wife would know.

Butterscotch: But yes, despite the E/R trauma…not a lot to talk about in this episode
Moxie: Christopher attempts Dadhood.  Groundwork is laid for Sherry.
Butterscotch: Christopher. Hm.You know, I find myself pretty darn uninterested in him
Moxie: Lorelai went into a jealous snit, but at the same time she’s bossing Luke around with her eyebrows in the way only significant others do, and hauling him into sleighs. He pretty much exists to facilitate drama.
Butterscotch: Meh. I don’t enjoy the drama on this show, truthfully just like watching the town interact
Moxie: Yeah, we have this amazingly quirky town full of people and it’s so nice when we see them just exist.
Butterscotch: It is!

Moxie: Aaaaand that’s it.
Butterscotch: yes. I’m sorry
Moxie: No don’t be
Butterscotch: It was a very pretty episode
Moxie: I tend to be excited about the ones that were entertaining, not necessarily the ones worth picking apart. Like, I love this one because it is a big crazy slumber party, and Emily and Richard
Butterscotch: I like the slumber party idea because it’s something that Lorelai would think to do.
Moxie: Exactly
Butterscotch: ah well.

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