Termites are eating the Crap Shack! PSAT scores came in! Lane is a cheerleader! Rory fights with everyone. If she’d looked in a mirror she would have gone after her own reflection. What’s up with that, Rory? This is a big long episode with too many plots, not enough resolution, and not enough Luke. Or Richard. Or Emily. Just the right amount of Jess, though.

Butterscotch: Luke has help who isn’t Jess?

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.21.34

Moxie: Silly Luke, tea. We’ve had this discussion

Butterscotch: shit. Rory is super smart. And now Rory will obsess.

Moxie: I share Rory’s confusion.

Butterscotch: maybe the Math isn’t as hard?

Moxie: Could be. Rocky Horror! Lane’s mom would have a heart attack. Doting Dad!Luke

Butterscotch: Please tell me that they take Luke to RHPS

Moxie: Now kiss! Kiiiiiiiiiissssss

Butterscotch: I concur with the kissing

Moxie: Such a couple moment, especially with him telling her she’s late.

Butterscotch: but while opening credits scroll, I will eat my salsa.

Moxie: Mmmm… salsa. Except for the onion and lime, I grew my own!

Butterscotch: YES. My local grocery store now has Herdez!!!

Moxie: WOOT

Butterscotch: Is this song actually playing?

Moxie: I don’t think so

Butterscotch: Because I don’t see the GGs listening to it.

Moxie: Don’t trust Kirk.

Butterscotch: Does Kirk have every job?

Moxie: He does. And gets paid in waffles.

Butterscotch: I suspect if he got paid in waffles there would be no plotline for this episode

Moxie: True.

Butterscotch: 15k is cheap for that kind of repair

Moxie: Yes. Aww leave the kitchen alone, Kirk.

I’d be depressed if I was counting Fritos.

Butterscotch: Really connected in the supply closet??

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.23.17

Moxie: Oh just ask her what her PSAT score was.

Butterscotch: And they’re gonna be higher than Rory’s, and Rory is going to spaz

Moxie: Nobody takes her bait. Poor Paris.

Butterscotch: oh yay! Rory outscored her!

Moxie: Of course.

Butterscotch: And now we watch Paris spaz out.

Moxie: Which to be fair is almost every time we see her.

Butterscotch: Very true. And Rory deserves to have a little fun.

Moxie: She does. Damn 5 minute lunches.

Butterscotch: you can’t hear termites chew. Carpenter ants, yes. Termites, no.

Moxie: You can when you know they’re eating your house. Mom!Rory

Butterscotch: No, that’s the sound of Lorelai’s brain crumbling.

Moxie: Same diff. I want to go to Sookie’s sleepover.

Butterscotch: Sookie hosts the BEST sleepovers. It’s going to be a Gilmore money episode, which I actually like.

Moxie: She has a bandaid on her hand, Lorelai that is.

Butterscotch: I like it when the gilmores actually deal with money stuff

Moxie: Same. A really big termite.

Butterscotch: A really half naked Jackson

Moxie: I heart Jackson.

Butterscotch: He is kinda wonderful. And squidgy Sookie Pjs?

Moxie: Oh much better.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.27.43

Butterscotch: Amazing. Jackson is a smart man

Moxie: Indeed.

Butterscotch: I love that his relationship with Sookie is at a point where he’s comfy hanging out with her in those PJs

Moxie: They’re so cute.

Butterscotch: She’s not communicable Mrs Kim. Mrs. Kim is horrible

Moxie: Hahahahahah… I mean terrible.

Butterscotch: The Gilmore Girls are going to go all Grey Gardens

Moxie: Subtle, so subtle

Butterscotch: Why don’t you break into records like you did when Rory enrolled??

Moxie: This is more entertaining for us to watch?

Butterscotch: very true

Moxie: I want to see Richard walk out in sunglasses, flipping the office off.

Butterscotch: That would be awesome.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.29.05

Moxie: Dammit Rory.

Butterscotch: Dammit, Rory. Allow your mom her pride.

Moxie: Rory no.

Butterscotch: Rory overstepped

Moxie: Extremely. So many reasons not to ask for that help.

Butterscotch: yep. much yep. I think that Rory is settling into the idea that they have access to moeny of that kind easily, and I think that this is a larger issue.

Moxie: Reminder, Lorelai is the parent. Yeah, now that she knows there’s a safety net, she’s very willing to use it.

Butterscotch: Yep

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.31.58

Moxie: Stay quiet and hold still, Dean.

Butterscotch: Dean is about to say something insightful.

Moxie: Damn him.

Butterscotch: I like this Dean. The slow eye widening there was awesome.

Moxie: I feel like Dean would know that Lane was a cheerleader.

Butterscotch: maybe

Moxie: I also feel like Lane had something last season about never being a cheerleader.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.33.55

Be honest with no context you’d never guess it was Michel that said this.

Butterscotch: Did Michel just reference vaginas??

Moxie: He sure did.

Butterscotch: weirdly awkward. Any one can talk the hoohas…but it’s weird when Michel–suave and cultured–is talking about ping pong balls and hoohas.

Moxie: How does he even know that?

Butterscotch: Weird Google history

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.35.22

Moxie: Defensive Lane

Butterscotch: I get why Lane would keep this secret

Moxie: Totally.

Butterscotch: Because Rory’s a bit of a snob

Moxie: Of course, this is never a thing again…

Butterscotch: snobbery?

Moxie: Cheerleading Lane

Butterscotch: or cheerleading?

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.36.53

Moxie: Luke to the rescue

Butterscotch: that’s awesome. Luke is amazing.

Aaw, Luke is a sweetheart and Lorelai is soooo uncomfortable.

Moxie: And he tried to make it not a thing. Because of course.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.38.26

Moxie: I love Emily snark.

Butterscotch: I love that Emily has snark and hates Lorelai’s

Moxie: “I learned it from watching you!”

Butterscotch: Interesting that she referenced the Honeymooners there. I had to look that up

Moxie: Oh really? I thought that was ubiquitous.

Butterscotch: I’ve heard it…just didn’t know the reference.

Moxie: Ah. Nepotism, work the nepotism.

Butterscotch: Yes, yes it is a reflection of her as a person

Moxie: It shouldn’t be, but yes.

Butterscotch: oh, totally agreed

Moxie: Emily knew going into it.

Butterscotch: You can’t hear the scathing thoughts that accompanying that statement


Moxie: Slightly better than getting it from them directly.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.40.20

Butterscotch: the argument was deserved.

because Emily has used loans as a lever before.

Moxie: Why wouldn’t Lorelai think there were strings. Poor frozen basketball players

Butterscotch: And why is Emily affronted by the the thought that Lorelai would see those strings.

Moxie: No idea

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.42.09

Butterscotch: At least they have the gym mats under them. Cheerleading on ice is a bad idea.

Moxie: Most dangerous sport to begin with… Damn troubador.

Butterscotch: Yes. He’s pretty annoying.

Moxie: And the guitar goes on the bonfire

Butterscotch: waste of a good guitar.

Moxie: And the troubador goes on the bonfire.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.43.20

Butterscotch: That I’m okay with that

Moxie: Fancy desserts.

Butterscotch: Emily needs to maybe reflect on WHY her daughter see the strings.


Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.45.38

Screenshot 2015-08-02 16.45.40

Moxie: Oh there’s the strings.

Butterscotch: that was sneaky and kinda bitchy

Moxie: I wonder if she had it planned from the start

Butterscotch: I’m not sure

Moxie: or decided to do it after Lorelai asked about the conditions.

Butterscotch: both of them are so damned determined to have the last word that they’ll just keep punching the other one so they can claim the victory

Moxie: Too much alike.

Butterscotch: and too damn stubborn

Moxie: And we see it in Rory, too.

Butterscotch: yes. it’s part of what makes the characters real

Moxie: Oh and that reminds me, we didn’t get much Paris resolution.

Butterscotch: but it’s also part of what makes them so frustrating.

You’re right! We didn’t.

Moxie: It’s like there were two b-plots and the writers couldn’t pick so they did both.

Butterscotch: The Paris thing is, I think, just to keep Paris on the surface so they can continue to build her character out.

Moxie: Sort of a hey she exists, remember that

Butterscotch: yep

And Luke remains dreamboat man

and Lane is a cheerleader

and Dean existed too

Moxie: And Kirk

Butterscotch: it was actually a really scattered episode when you come down to it.

Moxie: Maye there were contract obligations that needed filling.

Butterscotch: I think the sub sub plots were there to flesh out the loan plot because that plot was “I can’t get a loan! Don’t ask the parents. Parents butted in. YAY loan!”

Moxie: Yeah, it’s a bit thin

Oh! Sookie and Jackson!

And Taylor

We’re really only missing Patty, Babette and Mory

Oh and Jess… but does anyone really miss Jess?

Butterscotch: no one misses Jess

because Jess is a brat

and a prat

and an all around cocky jerface

Moxie: I’m surprised he wasn’t skulking at the pep rally

Butterscotch: smirking, more like

or drinking under teh bleachers

or setting them on fire

Moxie: with his cigarrette

Butterscotch: and his scorn!

Moxie: With is leather jacket… the troubador playing something from Grease in the background

Butterscotch: Nah. Heathers.

Moxie: Yeah, much more series appropriate

Butterscotch: As long as lane isn’t one of the torched cheerleaders

Moxie: Nah. I think she goes back to band geek after this? Which… she’s in band, how does she have time for cheerleading?

Butterscotch: Talent. Also, small school. They’re probably scrounging for kids

Moxie: And I guess they’re out of marching season…

Butterscotch: But the band plays at basketball games too…

Moxie: Do they?

Butterscotch: We are thinking way too deeply about this

Moxie: Probably.

Butterscotch: Pretty sure Lane as cheerleader is going to be a blip

Moxie: In my school all spirit type things ended when football season was over.

Butterscotch: Oh, not mine

Moxie: No more pep rallies. I don’t remember any of my band friends having to do games…

Butterscotch: Year round thing

Moxie: huh

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