Sorry for the VERY delayed update, folks. Moxie and I both work in higher ed and August is…um…well, August is kind of hell for us. Our updates should resume on a more regular schedule in the coming weeks (we hope).

That said, yay new episode! I love a Richard centric episode,

Moxie: Emily is being nice. Danger!


Butterscotch:  Anything that starts with “Soooo Lorelai” is a warning. Wow. This is fast paced even by GG standards.
Moxie: Yep. Haha I love Rory’s face.

Yes. I’ve been having similar deathy convos with my family lately. It’s…uncomfortable. So I feel Rory in this moment.
Moxie: Same.
Butterscotch: Oh, I love Richard.
Moxie: Same! And this is a Richard centric episode, so yay!


Butterscotch: The title looked promising.
Moxie: I’ve never had this problem with food. I find out it’s weird and am happy I like the weird thing.
Butterscotch: Richard without a tie is disturbing.
Moxie: Hehe
Butterscotch: And I also like the weird food. Which totally explains my 6 year old obsession with octopus.


Hey no wondering off to the library during dinner.
Butterscotch: Richard is retired. It’s like a permanent cruise!
Moxie: I have to talk to this person I married! Yes!

Omg. Mommy daughter bonding moment with no shouting. Paris is making up for the lack of Gilmore shouting.
Moxie: I am amazed they know what Rice-a-Roni is
Butterscotch: Nanny’s night off treat


I’m amazed Paris hasn’t been shouting about this earlier.
Butterscotch: I’m amazed Paris hasn’t decided on a theme already.
Moxie: This is so my dad.
Butterscotch: Richard’s observations are both annoying and inane.
Moxie: Emily is penciling in hire an assassin.
Butterscotch: Richard is bored. Clearly.
Moxie: Oh now she’s erasing it and planning to do it herself.
Butterscotch: Paris or Emily?
Moxie: Hmm… good question


Butterscotch: Costner night? Ick.
Moxie: I resent the Hudson Hawk slam.
Butterscotch: I like that the boys are oogling Showgirls. And Kirk has another job.
Moxie: Kirk has all the jobs.
Butterscotch: Indeed. There should be a spin-off where Kirk is just coked out of his mind, doing all the jobs.

I can’t imagine Richard at water aerobics. Or Emily for that matter.
Butterscotch: I’d see Emily thinking of it as a gentler synchronized swimming.
Moxie: What does Emily’s bathing suit look like?
Butterscotch: Navy blue with gold piping. Duh.
Moxie: Does Chanel make bathing suits?
Butterscotch: She does now!
Moxie: Also he’s been there once.
Butterscotch: Directions? He’s been there before. Richard has likely read the entire paper already.
Moxie: They are so cute.

They are adorable. It’s nice to see him trying. We haven’t seen him and Lorelai on their own in ages.
Moxie: Luke would like to walk away now.


That was a sexy “coming right up”. It was a sweet-on-you confirmation of her order.
Moxie: Yeah, we know what’s coming on up…
Butterscotch: Luke is clearly angling for a place in the crypt. Luke is clearly the sweetest if men.
Moxie: Nobody else in the world would get that from him. Except Rory.
Butterscotch: And Rory is basically mini Lorelai
Moxie: True.
Butterscotch: Paris needs oxygen

And aerosalized Xanax
Butterscotch: Yes
Moxie: And it’s named Jess!
Butterscotch: He encompasses the entire seedy underbelly of the town. Rory needs more backbone.
Moxie: Staning up to Paris takes a lot of backbone.
Butterscotch: Then Rory needs more. Life size yarn person!
Moxie: He met Babbette’s gnomes! I love how delighted Richard is by everything. Except for Lorelai.
Butterscotch: Richard nitpicks with the best of nits. Of course Paris drives a Beemer
Moxie: I can’t believe they don’t have a bar. Hee. Dad look to Rory.


Butterscotch: Diners are not breeding grounds for anything except mild salmonella. Paris is a little hyped up
Moxie: So many people getting murdered this episode.
Butterscotch: Ooooh, Richard.
Moxie: Richard is five of the people getting murdered.
Butterscotch: He might actually be three of the people getting murdered.
Moxie: Ugh Taylor. This can’t be good.
Butterscotch: Taylor is never a good event in Stars Hollow. Who is doing the deeming.?

His fascist little heart is aflutter. Taylor.
Butterscotch: Ugh. Taylor.
Moxie: Taylor deems all.
Butterscotch: Taylor wants to rule the world like the tiny little despot he is.
Moxie: I just flashed on Taylor watching Pleasantville.
Butterscotch:   Death rockers.They’re rocking chairs. With skulls.
Moxie: I’ve seen those, they’re cool.
Butterscotch: I don’t think Richard understands the concept of leftovers. Oooh. He’s having Yale jealousy. Go bulldogs.


Moxie: They’re for servants. I’m a little offended that Richard thinks Rory can’t get into Yale without him.
Butterscotch: Richard wants to handle all the things. Omg. That car. That’s an amazing car. Though…Dean is still honky boy.
Moxie: Remember her grandparents were expressly forbidden from buying her a car.
Butterscotch: He will not have, he will not have. Richard is also a tiny despot.
Moxie: Yes. Chuppah! Gypsy is a certified mechanic.

Butterscotch: Yeah, I’m with Dean on this.
Moxie: Also, yay Gypsy!
Butterscotch: Jags aren’t exactly known for their reliability. Poor Gypsy.
Moxie: Richard better be paying her a lot.
Butterscotch: No kidding.
Moxie: Mechanic! You built a car! Be a mechanic! HOW DENSE ARE YOU
Butterscotch: I like that Dean is standing up for himself. And that after he does, he still speaks to Richard with respect.

Yes. I wish we could get more Gypsy. And I agree with Richard on the appropriate gift thing.
Butterscotch: Bwaaaaah hahaha. Omg. Dean made me laugh!

18Moxie: Hee
Butterscotch: Since when is Richard the one who calls the shots?
Moxie: Right?
Butterscotch: Richard is pulling a my dad here.
Moxie: That was not at all constructive.
Butterscotch: “If you’re going to interpret it that way.”
Moxie: Gah this is all too familiar .
Butterscotch: Yes. This is very familiar. Except I’d be crying at this point.
Moxie: Same. Remember you’re only important if you’re productive.


Butterscotch: Wired wrong. Somehow my anger gene got crossed with my tear trigger.  Annoying because I can’t get shouty and act like an adult.
Moxie: Richard’s going off to sit on an iceberg.
Butterscotch: Well, Richard is a good lil capitalist.
Moxie: Go away Jess.
Butterscotch: Don’t call him back, Rory
Moxie: Don’t smile at him!
Butterscotch: Richard is going to spew. You can see it boiling

Moxie: Emily’s world is never going to change, because she’s never retiring. Aww rejection of food/love.
Butterscotch: Good point. I feel bad for Richard….but he was a prat
Moxie: Yes. Everything about town was delightful and charming except his daughter.
Butterscotch: Pretty much. Because he still hasn’t corrected his daughter to his satisfaction
Moxie: They’re allowed to be quaint. She is meant to be a part of the Business World.
Butterscotch: She is meant to be Richard’s clone. Because there was no son.
Moxie: And also she is sooo much like him.


Sudden thought…there’s no room for Trix in the crypt!
Moxie: I assume her spot is set aside already.
Butterscotch: She’s a good mix of both Emily and Richard.
Moxie: So the reserved spaces already include her.
Butterscotch: Apparently.
Moxie: I’m amazed Trix hasn’t tried to kick Emliy out of the crypt

Perhaps. This episode had too many familiar feels in it.
Moxie: Yes
Butterscotch: I almost done want to talk about it because of the familiarity. If I’d been watching that in my own, I would’ve advanced through the fight. I don’t like fights
Moxie: I like it because Lorelai is saying all the things I wish I could.
Butterscotch: And doing it without crying
Moxie: It’s my house, it’s my rules, so forth. Yes! How come nobody on tv ever angry cries?
Butterscotch: Though Richard does what my dad does. Cuts her off and changes the subject slightly enough that she can’t continue on her path of reasoning without stopping the flow of the argument. But Richard storms out. Dad and I just keep battering each other until I crack.
Moxie: My mom would unleash a litany of all the ways I am terrible and ungrateful
Butterscotch: Oh. I get irrational and “think you’re smarter than me”
Moxie: Yep. Not that you’re right, just that yep I understand that.
Butterscotch: I got ya
OK. This is making me angry. get frustrated thinking about how my family and I deal with each other. Well, not mom so much. But you know what I mean.

Moxie: Oh I do
Butterscotch: I will say that this was a good episode
Moxie: And it’s funny because with me it’s the same issues but only with my mom
Butterscotch: Because it got to something much less surface than normal
Moxie: Yes! I feel like when they can use Richard, they really reach to give him something worthy of his talent.
Butterscotch: I don’t think I could handle Lorelai and Richard hammering eachother every week. And yes, they do. He and Emily are the anchors, acting wise
Moxie: And they are so good.
Butterscotch: They are.


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