It’s a Paris episode! Paris has been making more and more appearances in recent weeks, which makes Moxie squeee and Butterscotch cringe (with delight). We also meet Christopher’s Sherrie in this episode. And we hate her. Because we do–not for any good reason–shut up we’re allowed to hate her! Seriously, Sherrie’s behavior in this episode isn’t borderline weird, it’s just full-on weird. She starts her relationship with Lorelai assuming that Lorelai must hate her. It really makes you wonder just what the heck Christopher has been saying about Lorelai when he’s home with his fiance…

Usually I can follow along the half-finished conversations. This one confused me
Moxie: It’s because breasts are dirty. I like Luke’s collection of tables.
Butterscotch: Let’s sit at the counter and annoy Duke even more
Moxie: Outer Limits!

12Butterscotch: WOW. Geek Luke!
Moxie: Remember, he wore the Star Trek shirt every day in high school.
Butterscotch: Lane is….losing it

3Moxie: This needs a Rear Window reference
Butterscotch: Impressive! He used to field
Moxie: I heart Luke forever.
Butterscotch: We all heart Luke forever
Moxie: Nerdy Luke. I wonder what he thought of the Outer Limits reboot in the 90s/early 2000s. But I guess he didn’t because he doesn’t have a TV.
Butterscotch: Nerd Luke somehow makes everything awesome
Moxie: Two Fat Ladies! Paris!

67Butterscotch: with a suitcase?
Moxie: I’m more excited about Paris than Rory is.
Butterscotch: It’s weird for me to think that she auditioned for the Rory role. She does Paris so well. Of course, they created Paris for her.
Moxie: Yeah…. that would be a weird world.
Butterscotch: It would
8Moxie: Valet… ugh. Yeah, come do some parenting, Christopher.
Butterscotch: Paris is incredibly rude to parents. It’s like she knows that mom’s a pushover in most areas.

9Moxie: To everyone
Butterscotch: It’s cutely dated sometimes, this show.
Moxie: Indeed. Mini doesn’t know what a payphone is.
Butterscotch: So where’s Mr. Medina.
Moxie: Hell
Butterscotch: Because clearly there should be some awkward with Max in this episode.
Moxie: Brad!
Butterscotch: LOL!

11Moxie: We get awkward Brad instead.
Butterscotch: I actually have no desire to watch this part of the episode. Public performance tropes make me squirm.
Moxie: Go to a happy place.
Butterscotch: Paris is…awful. Wow she’s awful.

2Moxie: She is.
Butterscotch: in such a wonderful way.
Moxie: So awful. I think she still wants to be a doctor at this point. If you wanted scarier. BOOOOOoooooo Sherry.
Butterscotch: ah. a different kind of awkward. Sherry is pretty in a very nondescript way.
Moxie: Sookie is subtle.

12Butterscotch: nope. Take it back. She’s somewhat modelly.
Moxie: I feel like they do her makeup better when they decide she’s sticking around.
Butterscotch: Paris? or Sookie?
Moxie: Sherry
Butterscotch: wow. Foot in mouth Christopher. And oversensitive Sookie. And babbly Sherrie.
Moxie: It’s her thing.
Butterscotch: Al’s Pancake World does a Prix Fixe? *shudder*

14Moxie: Only on Fridays
Butterscotch: Babbley tourist Sherrie
Moxie: Poor Paris
Butterscotch: aw, Paris wants to be friends.
Moxie: This is her idea of hanging out. Company is stressful.

15Butterscotch: That was there’s an entrance there?
Moxie: Yeah it goes right to the closet. Oh god how is Chris with this woman?
Butterscotch: I see. Confusing. So Sherrie has no conversation of depth.She’s flashing that left hand around everywhere
Moxie: She looks like a morning talk show host.
Butterscotch: She sounds like…
Moxie: So close… they have a child. omg

17Butterscotch: She sounds like she never left high school.
Moxie: Could have fooled anyone who watches this show.
Butterscotch: Rory is so important to him that he hasn’t told her anything about Sherrie except that she exists…
Moxie: I wish they’d make a thing out of the phone calls on Rory’s end.
Butterscotch: Because that’d be awesome. Sherrie is…Sherrie…is…
Moxie: Well if you care about the child, you make the opportunity.
Butterscotch: She belongs in a horror movie.

18Moxie: That is how parenting works.
Butterscotch: She the girl in the horror movie that dies in the first 10 minutes.
Moxie: If only this was a horror movie.
Butterscotch: The actress is doing a great job of making me hate her. Stir crazy Lane is hilarious

19Moxie: How are we not getting a Hitchcock reference out of Rory?
Butterscotch: No, Lorelai. That’s not what you’re there for. Way to start a passive aggressive fight, Lorelai!
Moxie: It’s one of her talents. Sherrie basically said she never wanted to see Lorelai again.That part? That was the whole thing!
Butterscotch: Hi, I’m here to steal your child for the night and make her like me instead of you.
20Moxie: She’s not in your shoes Christopher, because her paerenting is more than a once a week thing.
Butterscotch: There’s something very screwy between those two because on one hand, Christopher has a point.
Moxie: Richard!
Butterscotch: Lorelai did omit Christopher from the picture. At the same time, Christopher has never tried to insert himself into Lorelai and Rory’s livesHe even says girlfriend. Despite the giant rock on Sherrie’s finger.
21Moxie: hahah Christopher’s “friend”. Go for the throat, Emily!
Butterscotch: Emily is pissssed. Christopher IS having a family because he HAS a family…he just only calls them once a week. Emily would be kicking Richard right now if they were at a table.

22Moxie: So much mental kicking right now
Butterscotch: Now Richard’s statement? That was patronizing. With the shouting, Emily. He’s gonna hear you…
Moxie: Do you think she cares?
Butterscotch: Oh, Emily. You’re just upset because you know her destiny is with Luke.
Moxie: She’s held onto hope for 16 years… Awww Luke will play bagel hockey.

Butterscotch: Luke will grant her permission to mess up his diner.
Moxie: He luuuuurves her.
Butterscotch: I would rob Sephora! Now I love Lorelai.
Moxie: Who wouldn’t?

Butterscotch: She freaked…like Lorelai isn’t freaking inwardly. But nice Fatal Attraction reference. Weird…I had a Pee Wee Herman dream the other day. I was trying to find him a Pepsi
Moxie: weird. Eagle is in the nest!
Butterscotch: Yep. Same dream where I created an evil unicorn hat.
Moxie: I love that they got Kirk involved.
Butterscotch: I like that Kirk agreed. WOW

Hahaha and Michel
Butterscotch: I can’t believe Michel agreed too!
Moxie: I wonder how they bribed Michel.
Butterscotch: beignets
Moxie: *snicker* Twelve blueberries.
Butterscotch: wow.
Moxie: Oh this is too deep for this moment.

28Butterscotch: this is a super weird convo to have in a diner.
Moxie: I wonder what Luke is thinking.
Butterscotch: Loreali is a little dumb. And Christopher is a little sensitive.
Moxie: He’s right there, I see the plaid.  Luke’s going to punch Christopher.


Please, yes. Chris is still a 12 year old at heart.
Moxie: Totally
Butterscotch: And frankly, so is Lorelai.
Moxie: I think she’s progressed to 14.
Butterscotch: Because the only acceptable thing for her to say about the new relationship is “I’m happy you found someone who fits you”

Moxie: Because she’s at least trying to have some awareness.
Butterscotch: yes, but it’s all Lorelai-centered
Moxie: Of course
Butterscotch: Hrm. I just realized that I have left a container of food in the work fridge for the past 2 weeks…
Moxie: eew
Butterscotch: Yep. One thing I don’t like about this show: the revolving writers.

Moxie: I like how Chris/Lorelai sent your brain to gross leftovers
Butterscotch: Lorelai and Emily have made such progress, then they torpedo it every time there’s a writer switch from episode to episode.
Moxie: I think it’s progress that Lorelai went after Emily
Butterscotch: maybe
Moxie: and not to yell at her, but to see what she could do. But yes, there’s does seem to be a make the drama thing going on.

Butterscotch: it does. I have no other comments to make
Moxie: Paris tried to reach out to Rory!
Butterscotch: Kind of
Moxie: She wanted to hang after the debate.
Butterscotch: Paris is very bad at the reaching
Moxie: She is.
Butterscotch: Can rehashing your glorious debate be considered “hanging”

Moxie: Well football players watch their tapes. IDK it’s hanging in Paris world.
Butterscotch: She’s a little nutty
Moxie: She even called it celebrating.
Butterscotch: But everyone is a little nutty in this world
Moxie: Very true. Okay yeah, I have nothing more.I can’t stand Sherrie. She’s the anti-Lorelai.Ok now that’s it.


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