So much Jess in this episode! And Rory. And Luke! Almost enough of Luke. It’s pretty great. Rory finally notices her bracelet from Dean is missing. She doesn’t notice that Dean is a little too controlling. She does notice Jess a whole lot. Lorelai notices Rory noticing Jess and she doesn’t like it.

Turns out she's Rhoda's mother from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda.

Turns out she’s Rhoda’s mother from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda.

Moxie: Who’s Ida Morgenstern?

Butterscotch: yes, my thought exactly and I’m glad you said it because I was feeling dumb.

I would not be surprised if the crap shack was radioactive

Moxie: They’ve said every possible disease except the very likely tetanus.

Butterscotch: …yes. lockjaw? oh wait, that’s tetanus

Moxie: Or an adorable alien dog in the Marvel universe. And omg Lorelai with lockjaw. She’d explode.

Butterscotch: lol Who is Caesar? Have we ever met Caesar?

Moxie: The help. Not officially. We will but that’s the name Luke tosses around. Are those heart boxer shorts?

Butterscotch: OMG. It’s my childhood bedroom every summer after a year of college when I cram all my dorm crap into it. green alien head!

Moxie: This is most conversations between myself and Professor Furious.

Butterscotch: he was having a bath, Luke!

Moxie: Kiss her!

Butterscotch: the thing is, it’s not as crowded as they made it look, the door opened all the way

Moxie: Yeah, just explodey.

Sad bachelor man.

Butterscotch: hey look, a closed sign

Moxie: Take him home, Lorelai.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.23.12

Butterscotch: Make Luke watch Mel Brooks!

Moxie: Yes!

Butterscotch: Is it me, or has Jess hugely humanized Luke?

Moxie: But I suspect he likes Mel Brooks.

He has. Luke’s nurturing side is emerging.

Butterscotch: I mean, I’ve always liked Luke. But I really like him now, despite hating Jess.

Like prostitution?

Moxie: Surliest prostitute ever.

Butterscotch: Luke is patient despite seeing through her excuse sputtering

Moxie: Why is Dean not cleaning the gutters? He does everything else around there.

Butterscotch: because convenient plot device


Butterscotch: ugh. Why is Rory pushing so hard? YES, Lorelai! You asked my question

Moxie: How is she carrying ice cream barehanded?

Butterscotch: Rory wants to redeem the boy

Moxie: Keep talking forever Rory.

Butterscotch: Oh, Miss Patty.

Moxie: HA! Patty. I lover her.

Butterscotch: is there a bed under there?

Moxie: Where is Luke sleeping?

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.24.33

Butterscotch: I think maybe he’s not, because of the box dreams.

Moxie: Certainly seems that way. Cue the Odd Couple theme.

Butterscotch: and now I’m humming it. Thanks.

Moxie: It’s okay, I did it to myself as well.

Butterscotch: He’s right about the cat smell

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.25.27

Moxie: Ugh… apartment hunting.

Butterscotch: indeed

Moxie: Intimacy! Love!

Butterscotch: “you’re the one with the problem” worst argument EVER hm. sounds like an ex-boyfriend

Moxie: Well at least it’s not fuzzy. This alarm clock might actually work.

Butterscotch: Lorelai is not so good with the trying

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.27.45

Moxie: Really not. Do they still make the freaky coke with the lemon in it?

Butterscotch: they make the diet with lime. the thing is, coke with lemon sucks. But diet coke with fresh lemon is tasty. Diet Pepsi is better.

Moxie: Blegh.

Butterscotch: and the fact that I know this is weird.

Moxie: Not really.

Oh god Rory you’re not dating yet. This is a very boyfriend conversation.

Butterscotch: It feels like she’s setting up her next relationship. It feels very deliberate. I’m not sure if Rory is…a typical teenage girl, or if this is just clumsy writing

Moxie: Take note, you can’t talk to Rory at all if you don’t like Lorelai. I don’t know.

Butterscotch: Dean is grumpy Gus

Moxie: Well he doesn’t like books.

Butterscotch: he did last season!

Moxie: Not really. He read stuff Rory made him read.

Butterscotch: Is Kirk buying a Sweet Valley High book?

Moxie: Kirk is buying Like Water for Chocolate… At least it looks like my cover. Will rewind later. [Yes, yes it is Like Water for Chocolate. -M]

Butterscotch: Rory is still a shitty liar

Moxie: Yes, Dean, she took off the wedding ring.

Butterscotch: Okay, that was actually a good boyfriend thing there. Good job Dean on pulling it back

Moxie: Because he thought she took off the bracelet.

Butterscotch: hmm, yeah, true

Moxie: That was panic!nice, not real nice.

Butterscotch: because he’s kinda borderline….something. not abusive. controlling, certainly

Moxie: That’s it.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.32.46

Butterscotch: no step step!

Moxie: Wash your hands! Ugh our gutters need cleaning.

Butterscotch: your brain gutters?

Moxie: Yes, but also the house. I have to give Jess credit for trying.

Butterscotch: that’s the “Mom I’ve lost a limb” shout

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.34.21

Moxie: It’s been like a month since she lost it.

Butterscotch: well, it was an episode or two ago. “but he’s going to be mad”

Moxie: It feels like a month.

Butterscotch: Why be all deceptive? I don’t get it.

Moxie: Because tv.

Butterscotch: yeah

Moxie: Michel, I don’t believe you.

Butterscotch: how on earth did Michel end up in Star’s Hollow?

Moxie: Court order of some sort? Bizarre French penance?

Butterscotch: hm as plausible as any other explanation

Moxie: Mmmm Luke rant. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Butterscotch: Stars Hollow has like 50 people in it, how are there that many apartments available for rent?

Moxie: No idea.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.36.42

Butterscotch: I would pay to see Michel in a conga line

Moxie: Michel, you make people cry on the regular when she *is* there.

Butterscotch: Wow. No wonder Lorelai hasn’t married

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.37.36

Moxie: Luke is fantasizing about throwing her out a window.

Butterscotch: If she thinks that’s how marriage works

Moxie: No, I think she is trying to mess with Luke.

Butterscotch: It messes with me

Moxie: Built in bookcases!

Butterscotch: poor Jess. Luke blithely accepts that Jess’ life is transient, rather than being concerned for that transience

Moxie: Oh Luke, honey.

I think he figures Jess is going to abandon him. Everyone Luke loves leaves.

Butterscotch: which we know he will at some point. I haven’t seen the series and I know this

Moxie: Oh yeah.

Butterscotch: Lorelai is right about the single bed

Moxie: Very much so.

Butterscotch: hello rightfully alarmed mother

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.41.13

Moxie: Be creepier, Jess.

Butterscotch: seeing a teenage boy in her daughter’s room

Moxie: Ugggghhhhhhhhhh Taylor.

Butterscotch: oh no ooooooh no

Moxie: Hahahahaha

Butterscotch: Megalomaniac Taylor

Moxie: Now he’s fantasizing about throwing Taylor out a window.

Butterscotch: Megalomania, real estate magnate Taylor

Moxie: OH MY GOD. I just realized I met our Taylor!

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.39.37

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.39.40

Butterscotch: and of course Taylor is all about fascists and their parks

Moxie: Of course. Luke is going to explode. Hopefully Taylor will be killed.

Butterscotch: tourists?

Moxie: B&B crowd comes through, in theory.

Butterscotch: at least shred the app, Taylor, there’s banking info on that!

Moxie: Right?!

Butterscotch: notice that Rory doesn’t disagree with “it’s just a bracelet,” it’s about whether Dean will be mad

Moxie: And oh he will be.

Butterscotch: he will. Not a creative way to “hide” it, Jess

Moxie: Suspicious Lorelai is suspicious.

Butterscotch: at least wedge it between the mattress and bedframe or something. Suspicious Lorelai is right

Moxie: Maybe he didn’t have time.

Butterscotch: *sigh*

Moxie: You know, at least he did give it back, instead of watching the fallout.

Butterscotch: Teenage boy is still a teenage moron

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.44.04

Moxie: Okay, so half a month.

Butterscotch: that clown pillow is freaking me out

Moxie: Same.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.44.41

Butterscotch: I’m going to use that sentence someday

Moxie: I hope so. Two Luke rants in one episode.

Butterscotch: Luke is having a very crazy moment and I’m kind of loving it

Moxie: Same.

Butterscotch: wait. Luke had 100k just sitting around? cashier’s check doesn’t mean loan

Moxie: Well being a hermit is ver economical.

Butterscotch: loan takes more than an afternoon, and that building was only 100k?

Moxie: He owns his building and lives there, he spends almost no money on his life. I think it’s more like the other half of the building.

Butterscotch: point.

Luke isn’t exactly a bad actor. But…he’s REALLY good in this episode

Moxie: Happy Luke gets happy music

Luke's smashy music is a punk cover of "What a Wonderful World" that I think Lane would really approve of.

Luke’s smashy music is a punk cover of “What a Wonderful World” that I think Lane would really approve of.

Butterscotch: slight look of alarm on Jess’ face



Screenshot 2015-10-14 21.47.29

Butterscotch: That was awesome!!


Moxie: One of my favorite moments in the show. like the whole show.

Butterscotch: wow.

I can see why.  Luke was ON in this episode. I think because we saw him more out of his milieu than we saw him in it

Moxie: Yeah, more pushing on boundaries and having to react

Butterscotch: I like

Moxie: rather than just snappy comments about Lorelai’s eating habits.

Butterscotch: I want more. He’s the sensitive, slightly crazed manly man. And that’s….um… really hot and really appealing in a non-sexual sense

Moxie: It is!

And I do think Jess is really good for him. He’s always been on his own. So Jess is sort of a starter relationship.

Butterscotch: perhaps. I think Jess is certainly pushing him out of his comfort zone

Moxie: Because yes there was Rachel, but she was flighty and there was no working through things.

Butterscotch: Jess is flighty too though

Moxie: But Jess is a responsibility

Butterscotch: he’s a nut that Luke doesn’t seem interested in cracking, he just wants to make sure that he doesn’t get into trouble

Moxie: No , I think he is.

Butterscotch: it’s responsibility and love, but it’s not really a relationship. Maybe later, I’m not seeing it much yet

Moxie: But I also know what he does for Jess as the show goes on. Burgeoning relationship?

Butterscotch: mebee.

I hate watching Rory’s spiral toward Jess. I know we all need a damn bad boy at least once in our lives but I hate seeing it

Moxie: And she’s so clumsy about it.

Butterscotch: because she’s all “I can change him” and I think she likes the power of that more than she likes Jess himself.

Moxie: And you’re right. It’s hard to tell if it’s that she’s bad at relationships, or lousy writing.

Butterscotch: or we could ignore the possibly bad writing and pretend that this was all intentional and then what does that tell us? Rory is power tripping

Moxie: She hasn’t had a good role model for relationships? That we fumble through things?

Butterscotch: I tried that one a few weeks ago, and you reminded me that there are stable relationships in her world

Moxie: She feels obligated to stay with the good guy, though she’s drawn to the bad?

Butterscotch: Rory doesn’t know how to rebel. She’s going to rebel through osmosis

Moxie: Yeah

Butterscotch: *sigh* Stay tuned, I guess

Moxie: Yep. We all know what’s going to happen the only real question is how the writers are getting us there.

Butterscotch: Yep, and how emotionally abusive Dean gets during the inevitable breakup

Moxie: Now there’s a treat.


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