We’ve been gone awhile due to the mid-semester crazies, but we’re back now! Hooray!

I’m excited for this episode because we’ve been jonesing for some more Emily/Lorelai interaction for ages and ages. Since this show is really all about mothers and daughters, I’m sad that the focus has been on Dean and Jess of late. Bring on the fractious relationships! More awkward attempts at bonding!

Butterscotch: The sky is falling, the sky is falling.
Moxie: Mmm plaster


Butterscotch: I feel like Luke is on an episode of an HGTV show
Moxie: Hurr hurr moving a pipe


Butterscotch: but he never complains about money
Moxie: Well he doesn’t spend it on anything.
Butterscotch: I guess not.
Moxie: Clever Jess.


Butterscotch: Birch Grove Spa. I sense a trap.
Moxie: She looked so smug when she said she won.


Butterscotch: Aaaaand…trap sprung. Lorelai neatly backed into a corner.


Moxie: Lorelai, how did you not see this?
Butterscotch: Because Lorelai looks in gift horses mouths. Or something. Or fails to …um…didn’t parable with the platitude or something


Moxie: She’s usually more suspicious of Emily, though.
Butterscotch: usually. no, that was an evil yes
Moxie: Now she gets wily.


Butterscotch: that’s an intense agenda of pampering
Moxie: back facial
Butterscotch: that must’ve been one hell of a spa certificate
Moxie: Well it was the DAR.
Butterscotch: she does hate honking! Thank you for remembering, rotating writing staff!
Moxie: It’s so fundamentally Emily
Butterscotch: some of those highschoolers look suspiciously like they’re in their 30s. The dudes in the front row, specifically


Moxie: Yep. Dates! Abbott! Costello!
Butterscotch: Lenny, Squiggy
Moxie: Not really, Paris. Schlameel Schamozzle! Oh Paris, dictator of my heart.


Butterscotch: Though, actually Paris is describing kind of a horrible life. So money doesn’t solve all things.
Moxie: It really is.
Butterscotch: Emily is super enthused. Soooo enthused.It’s frightening.


Moxie: She kidnapped Lorelai for a whole weekend!


Butterscotch: Lorelai’s jokes fall flat at the spa
Moxie: *cackle*
Butterscotch: Oh, I see. This is the secret bonding weekend.
Moxie: *more cackling*
Butterscotch: This will be a disaster.
Moxie: Ugh makeouts


Butterscotch: Tree makeouts. This is the real reason Dean wears a leather jacket.
Moxie: Dean, just escape now. Dodge this bullet.
Butterscotch: Rory is an introvert. She needs her introvert recharg time.
Moxie: And Dean is a teenage boy who sees a parentless house.
Butterscotch: Though I fear what their water bill will look like with those 5 loads of laundry.


Moxie: It’s a weekend, how much clothing did she bring?
Butterscotch: Oh, how ironic. The hottest thing in skin treatment is now caffeine.
Moxie: Ooh I’m trendy.
Butterscotch: Emily prattles. No wonder Lorelai left home. God. Emily would drive me batty.
Moxie: Emily is going to be strangled with a robe belt. I want hand pouches.
Butterscotch: Emily would deserve her strangling. Oh, if wishing made it so
Moxie: Hand pouches impede strangling…
Butterscotch: But there was a cord.



Moxie: True. Poor Lorelai, this is exhausting to watch in snippets.
Butterscotch: I KNOW. My mom gets like this on occasion.
Moxie: Mine too.
Butterscotch: But I can usually poke her and she’ll stop
Moxie: Noooope.
Butterscotch: Sorry
Moxie: Lorelai’s hair is so pretty.
Butterscotch: Why can’t Lorelai just tell her mother she has a headache and ask her to STFU?
Moxie: Because this guilt trip right here.
Butterscotch: That seems like an efficient way to get Emily to shut it. Rory has a lot of clothes


Moxie: I think she’s rewashing everything.
Butterscotch: lordy
Moxie: Paris! Poor baby.
Butterscotch: Paris judges. Hot knitting sounds fun to me.


Moxie: I know. This is friendship as far as Paris is concerned.
Butterscotch: Aw. Genuine moment of bonding.
Moxie: Awww lipstick sharing.
Butterscotch: Some of my earliest memories are of playing with my mom’s lipsticks.


Moxie: Mmm steak.
Butterscotch: It’s not very trollopy lipstick. In my opinion.
Moxie: C’mon Emily. It’s not rehab, you are allowed to leave. It’s really not.
Butterscotch: They can’t leave! Lest they be forced to eat tofu scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Moxie: Mmm hmmm
Butterscotch: I think he would like some banging and yelling.


Moxie: say no more
Butterscotch: I will stop there. My cleverness stops at banging and yelling when it comes with teenagers.
Moxie: He knows what he wants…Oh Paris honey.
Butterscotch: Two can play this game, Jess. Creepy jazz band is creepy.
Moxie: I love Paris talking to Nanny. Trollops!


Butterscotch: I do like that the ladies drink the same drink
Moxie: More alike than they would admit.
Butterscotch: Lorelai is trying very hard to be nice. It’s kind of sweet.


Moxie: It is. Yeah, keep looking back there.
Butterscotch: Heeee! Okay, I like Jess and Paris debating literature.


Moxie: Rory is so happy with this conversation. Where is the Indian food?
Butterscotch: The Indian food never showed up.
Moxie: I think I want Jess and Paris to get together.
Butterscotch: disaster is going to strike!!
Moxie: Be more suspicious, Rory.
Butterscotch: though I have to say, Dean is bad at respecting boundaries


Moxie: Yeah. Nice side step.
Butterscotch: She said “I want to be alone tonight.” And Dean just decided to come over.Punk
Moxie: Oh Dean honey.
Butterscotch: Jess is an ass for trying to shove his way in.
Moxie: He was.
Butterscotch: Dean is an ass for not respecting Rory’s wishes.
Moxie: Nobody listens to Rory.
Butterscotch: And Rory is an ass for not making her position clear to Jess. And Dean is a bigger ass for thinking Rory can’t have male friends. And Paris is…wow that was kind of amazing of Paris.
Moxie: When she’s loyal, she’s good to have in your corner.
Butterscotch: Dean is NOT Rory’s Dad. So calm the fuck down Dean. NO!


Moxie: That was way over the line.
Moxie: Not justified!
Moxie: Opposite of justified!
Butterscotch: friendship isn’t about owing, Paris. But you’re growing in leaps and bounds. And that’s nice to see.


Moxie: She’s never had a real friend.
Butterscotch: The Paris/Rory thing is growing in a way that I think is really sweet.
Moxie: Emily and Richard in Thailand. I can’t imagine
Butterscotch: I can. I think they’d be kind of sweet.
Moxie: I’m sure they were.
Butterscotch: Aw. Emily is enjoying being flirted with.


Moxie: It’s probably been a while.
Butterscotch: Richard isn’t the most attentive of husbands.
Moxie: He’s not and that’s sad. Because I’m sure it’s something that’s happened over the years.
Butterscotch: I can only imagine the cascades of guilt that Emilys going to suffer for dancing with a man who isn’t her husband.
Moxie: Dude, get your mouth off her ear. Slap him!
Butterscotch: Yep. Cascades of guilt. Oh, way to blame Lorelai for your guilt. Good job with the bonding there Emily.
Moxie: Aww man. Except Emily can’t decide what that is. Are they friends? Are they mother/daughter


Butterscotch: Emily reminds me a bit of Paris.
Moxie: Yes. I wonder when Emily lost her mother.
Butterscotch: I wonder if Emily had a relationship with her mother. Yeah. Emily just admitted that she doesn’t know how to do it.


Moxie: I think that answers that. I really feel for Lorelai here.
Butterscotch: I do too, a bit. But this is Lorelai’s thing. Her bonding is something rebellious
Moxie: Lorelai, you manage an inn… you sort of know this.
Butterscotch: She’s always trying to get Emily to rebel, and Emily is trying to bond with Lorelai by talking her to death.
Moxie: Emily likes it. Like Paris eating mac and cheese.
Butterscotch: Emily does. She needs to be pushed a bit.
Moxie: Kirk is gonna snap.


Butterscotch: Kirk is a prat and deserves to be stuck behind table hogs
Moxie: Emphasis on crazy.
Butterscotch: Jess is very subtle
Moxie: Super. Gee Rory…
Butterscotch: Rory is enjoying being chased. Which is actually super not nice.


Moxie: Jess is better at it than Dean.
Butterscotch: maybe
Moxie: Oh lord.
Butterscotch: he’s playing the “super jerk with a heart of gold”
Moxie: He’s read Jane Austen! Obvsly it makes him special.
Butterscotch: right. I think Rory is enjoying being noticed by boys with some regularity. But I also think she is crap at handling it.
Moxie: Which I don’t blame her for. but yes. She hasn’t had the best role model though.
Butterscotch: True. Aand yeah, she should enjoy the attention if she digs it. Though at this point Dean’s behavior is break-up worthy. He’s being a possessive prat



Moxie: Agreed


Butterscotch: I feel kind of bad for Emily too in this episode
Moxie: She was so excited!
Butterscotch: She desperately wants to establish some kind of rapport with her adult daughter
Moxie: And so went overboard.
Butterscotch: and casually forgets that the intervening years of no bond at all are gonna get in the way. I have nothing more to say on this. Perhaps because I am tired.
Moxie: I think we said a lot of it during the episode. I love Paris.
Butterscotch: agreed. also, all the shouting at Dean
Moxie: Just to re-iterate.
Butterscotch: and yes, Paris was lovely this episode. She’s crossed over into the good column
Moxie: I told you she’d get there.Mac and cheese! Watching tv! A real sleep over!
Butterscotch: no frozen bra!
Moxie: Arguing about literature with a (begrudgingly I say this) cute boy
Butterscotch:  Mr. Bitterscotch just got home.
Moxie: It was a good night for her, and she’s in desperate need of one. Yay!Go to him!
Butterscotch: And yes, It’s nice to see Paris be social.
Moxie: woohoo


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