We’re Moxie and Butterscotch, and this is ISTH.  We like pop culture–TV, movies, books, games, comics, you name it–and we REALLY like to talk about it. We’re savvy gals, both with a couple degrees under our belts and a lot of critical thoughts in our heads.

We expect this blog to evolve over time, but we’re starting small. Both Moxie and Butterscotch will make individual posts on things that catch their interest. On Mondays M&B watch Gilmore Girls together and talk about the show and all its foibles. Then they write about what they saw.

And that’s it! It’s a blog. You were expecting a manifesto, maybe?

If you’d like to follow more of Moxie and Butterscotch’s travels and travails, feel free to check out their personal blogs.

Big Girl, Small Town

Butterscotch Sympathy


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